Bay Dental Group located in San Jose, California, is a leading family care practice that offers exceptional services and compassionate care to help their patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health and beauty.

Bay Dental Group first opened in San Francisco in 1987, where they’ve been providing high-quality dental care for over 30 years. In order to cater to all of our patients commuting from further south, they decided to open a second branch of the practice in San Jose.

Bay Dental Group offers a wide range of dental specialties, including dental hygiene, endodontics, emergency dentistry, and oral surgery, including wisdom teeth removal. The team also offers high-end orthodontics like braces and Invisalign®. The facilities are equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment, like CT machines, and boast a clean and modern surgery room.

The dedicated professionals at Bay Dental Group work one-on-one with their patients to develop unique treatment plans specifically suited to their particular needs and preferences. Your smile is uniquely yours, so your treatment plan should be unique, as well.

Discover truly personalized dentistry today and schedule your appointment with Bay Dental Group by calling the office or booking a visit online.